30 July
Wake Up is back from the summer grazing and a couple of days ago we received more lovely photos - he also go a new play mate called Flekkensmiley. And one day Wake Up was shined, looking like a true model!   

See more lovely photos in the photo album !

Wake Up by Benetton Dream / Weltjunge / Andiamo together with Flekken
Wake Up - a top model!

27 July
A couple of weeks ago we had a short visit from Margit & Mette from Stutteri Klosterheden. They brought their super camera with them and we had them take some lovely pictures.

See more pictures HERE.

Wanessa Toftøje by Rascalino/Weltjunge/Andiamo and her mother Watch Me Toftøje by Weltjunge/Andiamo/Diamond

20 July
At the beginning of April, we delivered Lavinia by Florencio/Racing Ace XX at Stutteri Klosterheden. She is now four years old and it was time for her to be broken in and hopefully get ready to the Danish Warmblood mare selection and maybe also the DW Riding Ability Test for 4-year olds and the Young Horse Championships for riding horses.

Unfortunately, we have not had the time to pay her a visit, but at the end of May (barely two months after breaking in) the below video was taken (by the way; it was the first time ever she was ridden outdoors!) - we think it is very promising!

So for now, Lavinia has been entered into the mare selection in Ikast on 25 August - very exiting!

6 July
For the third time Benetton Dream has qualified for the  Bundes Championships!

During the past weekend, there was yet another qualification, this time in Vlotho-Exter. 15 horses and riders wer competing, but only two qualified for the Bundes Championships. The winner was Helen Langehanenberg on Royal Happiness with 8.10 and number two, with 8.00 was Benetton Dream by Brentano II/Davignon/Rotspon ridden by his steady rider Yvonne Reiser – it shall be exiting to see if he succeeds to get into the finals once more.

We look forward to the Bundes Championships and hope that he will do well, and we know that Ida from Norway is very exited too, since she owns Wake Up e. Benetton Dream og Watch Me e. Weltjunge.

4 July
Yesterday was a wonderful day!

Watch Me was scanned and she is now in foal to Rascalino, which we are looking very much forward to!

And then it was time to turn out Abzolut for the summer - a day we have been looking very much forward to. He is now one year old and together with him is a new play mate by e. De Noir. They soon became close friends and now they are just enjoying each other and the thick juicy grass.

Click on the picture nbelow to the right and see how they enjoyed to be turned out - that is life!

Abzolut Toftøje by Zorro Son & Appetizer Toftøje BRDH by B.H. Don Romantic and Frenderups Diego by De Noir / Future Cup
Abzolut Toftøje by Zorro Son & Appetizer Toftøje BRDH by B.H. Don Romantic and Frenderups Diego by De Noir / Future Cup
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