30 May
Good news! Li-Z has been scanned and she is in foal with Stevie Wonder by Stedinger/White Star/Einblick. She is due mid-May 2010 ans we are looking very much forward to this!

28 May
At the Unofficial Danish Championship for Riding Master Students, which was held this weekend, Weljunge and his steady rider, Michael Grønne Christensen, did fantastic!  In the qualification they placed second out of 27 participants with 66,4% and in the finals they came fourth with 65,2%! The Unofficial Danish Championship for Riding Master Students is conduted at M-level.

Weltjunge by Weltmeyer / Matcho AA / Pik König
Weltjunge by Weltmeyer / Matcho AA / Pik König

27 May
During the weekend 22-24 May, Qualifications for the Bundeschampionship in Wahrendorf were held in Bremen-Oberneuland at the Hubertus Riding Club. Here the gorgeous Benetton Dream partcipated with his rider Holga Finken and won his group with 8.30 - he has now qualified for the Bundeschampionship! Read the news on Eurodressage.com. In January 2009, Benetton and Holga Finken attended the Private Stallion Show in Verden - see video HERE.

Benetton Dream by Brentano II / Rotspon / Davignon with Holga Finken

25 May

Time flies! Last week we drove Watch Me down for insemination. This year we have chosen the wonderful Hannoverian stallion from the state stud Celle: Rascalino by Rotspon / Velten Third / World Cup III. We have been studying his offspring for the last two-three years and find them very interesting, especially in a combination with Weltmeyer blood.

Rascalino by Rotspon / Velten Third / World Cup III
Winning the Club Championship on 3 May whetted Tina’s appetite for competing and this weekend they participated for the second time ever and with great results! Out of four starts they were placed second in one class and third in another one. This time Tina had chosen to compete at a higher level and with much success, which is very promising for their future dressage carrier. We CONGRATULATE Tina and Emmerson and wish them lots of luck in the future – we will be standing on the side line!
Tina Teglers & Emmerson Toftøje by Esteban XX / Manstein / Luxemburg
Tina Teglers & Emmerson Toftøje by Esteban XX / Manstein / Luxemburg

12 May
Yesterday we drove Appetizer to the vet for insemination. Being extremely satisfied with our wonderful colt Abzolut, we have chosen to breed to Zorro Son once more - however, next year we would like to "order" a filly!

By the way, in the weekend 2-3 May, there was a dressage competition, the May tournament, in Nienhagen, Germany. Here the State Stud Celle stallions Don Frederico and Rascalino were among the competitors in S-level dressage. Despite his only 8 years of age Rascalino did very well indeed, achieving 9s in the extension and a placing as no. 2. Also Don Frederico showed in the arena after a long competion break. He also did very well and was rewarded with a third place. Read the news about the competition HERE.

Don Frederico by Donnerhall / Consul / Gardeulan, with his steady rider Ole Köhler
Rascalino by Rotspon / Velten Third / World Cup III, with his steady rider Wolfhard Witte

10 May
He finally got a name - Abzolut Toftøje! We just do not think it can be more "absolute", having bred both his mother AND his father - and we really do believe in him

This weekend, we have also taken some time to take a couple of new photos of our wonderful Wake Up e. Benetton, who develops magnificently and is moving like a dream. This weekend, when the summer arrived at Stutteri Toftøje: all horse were turned into the grazing fields - is there anything better than a horse "with a green background"!

Wake Up Toftøje by Benetton Dream / Weltjunge / Andiamo
Wake Up Toftøje by Benetton Dream / Weltjunge / Andiamo

6 May
This weekend we had a couple of lovely surprises. We had a phone call from a friend who had been to a dressage competition with a friend of his who has bought one of our horses: Emmerson Toftøje by Esteban XX / Manstein / Luxemburg. She bought him in the fall 2007, 3 years old and has been taking her time getting to know him, since he is a very fresh horse. But now it was time for their first competion: the first one for Emmerson ever and the first one for Tina in years AND they became Club Champions achieving 70%! VERY GOOD and CONGRATULATIONS to Tina and Emmerson.

Emmerson by Esteban XX / Manstein / Luxemburg together with his mother Lorrine

- and we also had a video greeting from Stutteri Klosterheden. They had had Klosterhedens Florett Toftøje by. Florencio / Racing Ace XX / Luxemburg, now two years old, in the manege. We think he looks good - see for yourself HERE!

2 May
We are enjoying our two lovely colts in the fantastic spring weather!

Our wonderful colt by Zorro Son who always has a ball going to the field:

Colt by Zorro Son / B.H. Don Romantic / Temple Wind XX

- and Wake Up who loves cuddling - when he has the time......

Wake Up by Benetton Dream / Weltjunge / Andiamo
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