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You will see video of both our own breeding and of the horse having some kind of relation to our breeding. The videos are listed alphabetically.

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Abzolut Toftøje
F. Zorro Son M. Appetizer Toftøje GF. Don Romantic
Born March 2009

Abzolut is by our Bronze medal mare Appetizer and Zorro Son, whom we have also bred. We think he shows really good quality and look forward to following him in the future.

Video - Abzolut Toftøje - June 2009
Video - Abzolut Toftøje - July 2010


On this video, Abzolut is approx. 2 months old.

Video - Abzolut Toftøje

Abzolut Toftøje by Zorro Son / Don Romantic / Temple Wind XX

Appetizer Toftøje
F. BH Don Romatic M. April-Wind RDH MF. Temple Wind XX

Appetizer, our lovely Bronze Medal mare, who apart from performing an excellent mare test, also participated in the Danish Warmblood Riding Abiliy Test for 4-year olds in 2008, where she qualified for the Yong Horse Championships in 2009. "Unfortunately" she could not participate, as she was in foal.

Video - Appetizer at the Riding Ability Test 2008

Benetton Dream
F. Brentano II M. Rotkäppchen GF. Rotspon

First video shows Benetton ridden by Holga Finken in autumn 2008 and ridden by Anna Sophie Viebelkorn in autumn 2007 at a ceremony held by the Hanoveraner Verband celebrating their winning the Bundes Championat for 3-year olds.

Second video shows Benetton ridden by Holga Finken at the great private stallion show held in Verden in January 2009.

Video 1 - Benetton Dream

Video 2 - Benetton Dream

Benetton Dream by Brentano II / Rotspon / Davigon ridden by Holga Finken

Bøgegårdens Laurino DVH 888
F. Lauries Crusador XX M. Wonne MF. Weltmeyer

Laurino is a handsome and model with superior gaits, licensed in Danish Warmblood, Hannoveraner and Oldenburger Verband. Training level at the moment is PSG.

Laurino is the sre of Lamborghini Toftøje (M. Laika Toftøje by Andiamo).

Video - Laurino

Bøgegårdens Laurino by Lauries Crusador XX / Weltmeyer / Sherlock Holmes - ridden by Anna Blomgren from Helgstrand Dressage

De Noir 
F. De Niro M. Maharani MF. Matcho AA  - born in Germany 2000

De Noir has sired Zun-Z and Zunlight - both by our DH mareLi-Z Toftøje by Zorro Z / Racing Ace XX.

On the video De Noir is ridden by his former steady rider Isabel Bache.

Video - De Noir 

Don Frederico
F. Donnerhall M. Cleopatra GF. Consul

Don Frederico ridden by his steady rider Ole Köhler. The video shows one of many performances together with Celle stalllion quadrille - this one is from Verden.

Video - Don Frederico

Don Frederico by Donnerhall / Consul / Gardeulan ridden by Ole Köhler from Celle

Don Romantic
F. Don Schufro M. Rosita GF. Romancier

Wonderful Don Romantic, who was injured much too early! We can only guess, what he would have become. But one thing we do know: he produces well moving offspring!

Our lovely Bronze medal mare, Appetizer Toftøje is by Don Romantic.

Video - Don Romantic 

Don Romantic by Don Schufro / Romancier / Mago XX ridden by Andreas Helgstrand

F. Don Frederico M. Weltina GF. Weltmeyer

One of the very impressing sons by Don Frederico. Dramatic wonn the World Championship for 6-year olds in 2008 and is owned by Danish rider Anders Dahl and his English wife Fiona Bigwood.

On the video he is ridden by Jana Freund in the finals at the World Championship.

Video - Dramatic

Dramatic by Don Frederico / Weltmeyer / Grenadier with Jana Freund at the Young Horse World Championship 2008

F. Donnerhall M. Pirola GF. Pik König

Donnerschlag has produced numerous sires, broodmares and top level dressage horses. Since 2000 he has been living in the US.

Donnerwetter Toftøje is by legendary Donnerschlag.

Video - Donnerschlag

Donnerschlag by Donnerhall / Pik König / Frustra II ridden by Amanda Harlan in 2004

F. Florestan M. Walessa GF. Weltmeyer

Amazing Florencio, who achieved to win the World Championships for young horses both as a 5-year old and as a 6-year old with the highest scores ever and not less than a 10 for canter both years.

Video - Florencio

Klosterhedens Florett Toftøje
F. Florencio M. Linett ERDH 3536 GF. Racing Ace XX
Born 24.05.2007

A long name, but he was made on order from Stutteri Klosterheden and we insisted that he should also carry the name Toftøje. He has inherited the good gaits and the fantastic mind of his father - we know that Margit Ørum expects a lot from him!

Video - Klosterhedens Florett Toftøje - May 2009
Video - Klosterhedens Florett Toftøje - October 2009

Klosterhedens Zelecktion
F. Zorro Son M. Day-Light GF. Midwest Ibi-Light DVE

First crop in the German Oldenburger Verband by Zorro Son. Here are some videos following his development from a foal - we think it looks good.

See the following videos of Zelecktion:

Zelecktion as a foal
Zelecktion - april 2009
Zelecktion - september 2009

Zelecktion - October 2009
Zelecktion - January 2010 after only two weeks under rider (big file: 36Mb!)

Klosterhedens Zorba
F. Zorro Son M. Donna GF. Donner-Boy

First crop by Zorro Zon - branded in ZfDP. We think he looks promising for the future.

Video of Klosterhedens Zorba - 4 years old

Lady Toftøje
F. Florencio M. Linett ERDH 3536 GF. Racing Ace XX

On te video Lady is participating in the Danish Warmblood Riding Ability Test for 4-year olds in 2009 together with her owner: Nadia Gudtmann.

Video - Lady Toføje at the Riding Ability Test 2009

Laika Toftøje
F. Andiamo DVE  M. Linett ERDH  GF. Racing Ace XX

In 2006, Laika was at the mare inspection where she was graded in RDH and was placed fifth. She was ridden by  Margit Ørum, and has since been sold to Sweden.

Video - Laika Mare Inspection 2006

Laika Toftøje by Andiamo / Racing Ace XX / Luxemburg - ridden by Margit Ørum

Lavinia Toftøje
F. Florencio M. Linett ERDH MF. Racing Ace XX

Lavinia is born in 2006 and from the beginning she has been very special! In 2010 she placed 8th in the DW Riding Ability Test for 4-year olds with 9,5 for canter and 8,5 for capacity, she was selected as Reserve for the DW Young Horse Championsships. At the same event she was graded at the Mare Inspection and placed no. one!

Video - Lavinia Toftøje - Mare Inspection and Riding Test ridden by Margit Ørum

F. Weltmeyer M. Matcho's Girl GS. Matcho AA

Elite Stallion with wins and placing in Prix St. George. A very modern son by the legendary Weltmeyer, who passes on his exceptional good basic gaits.

Our wonderful Bronze Medal mare Watch Me Toftøje is by Weltjunge.

Video - Weltjunge

Wake Up Toftøje
F. Benetton Dream M. Watch Me Toftøje MF. Weltjunge

Wake Up is the second foal by our Bronze medal mare Watch Me. On the video he is five months old.

Video - Wake Up Toftøje

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